Z-bridge Offshore Access Solutions


Zbridge is proud to present the Bring-to-Work (B2W) system. This system is developed with the objective to continue the improvement of safety and operational efficiency in order to provide our client with a lightweight, cost efficient access solution.

The B2W system is designed, constructed and tested in compliance with the Bureau Veritas rules for certification of Offshore Access System, this includes a full system FMEA performed under the supervision of an independent third party. The fully motion compensated systems is the lightest system available in the market able to operate from LAT +10 up to 24 meter . Weighing only 19 ton the system is suitable to operate from a CTV, small SOV.

Operating window:

Windspeed : 20 m / sec

Wave frequency : 5 – 12 sec

Pitch : +/- 8 degrees

Roll : +/- 8 degrees

Landing height : + 10-24 LAT

Weight : 19 ton

Please contact Zbridge when you would like to receive the full technical specification