Zbridge Offshore Access Solutions


The Zbridge W2W system has been successfully operational for more then 1,5 years. The patented motion compensation system eliminates the roll & pitch movement of the vessel at the bottom of the mast. This solution has proven its motion compensation capabilities in the most severe weather conditions. By eliminates the rotative movement to the mast, the telescoping speeds remains well below the allowed 1 m/s. This ensures the largest operating window for safe and efficient W2W transfer operations. The system has been successfully operated in conditions with wave heights up to 4 meters and high winds of 30 knots.  The modular Zbridge W2W system is offered as a fully operational rental package or can be procured.


 Operating window:

Windspeed : 20 m / sec

 Wave frequency : 5 – 15 sec

Pitch : +/- 7 degrees

Roll : +/- 10 degrees

Landing height : + 10-22 LAT

Weight : 55 ton

Please contact Zbridge when you would like to receive a full technical specification